Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can I place my Order?

Ans: It’s too easy to order a drug on this web pharmacy, just like ordering a clam pie from Frank Pepe’s, New Haven. You need to follow these very simple steps to book your drug within minutes without any further effort. 

  1.    Open your browser and visit our web pharmacy; now select the drug your doctor has recommended you to take.
  2.     Now click on the next”Add to Cart” button.
  3.      You may repeat steps one and step 2 if you want to buy some other drugs.
  4.      Now, create your account and follow all the necessary instructions to complete your Order.
  5.      Now, select an appropriate payment mode in the modes we accept here.
  6.      Congratulations, your Order is ready to ship. Now, please wait for a couple of hours; we will arrive at your doorstep with the drug you ordered.

After some time, we will send a confirmation email from our side. This email contains all information about your drug, it’s delivery timing, and other things you need to know. If, in case, you do not get a confirmation email, please feel free to contact us through email or phone call. 

Q: 2Do the customer(s) get discounts on your website?

At this web pharmacy, we offer several deals & discounts to our customers. At the same time, our pharmacy also provides seasonal & festive discounts. You can get full info about the deals and discounts through our email and messaging services. Customers can also call our customer care executives to know about the best upcoming offers. 


Q: 3. Can I change my address for shipment after my Order has completed?

Ans: Yeah. You can change your delivery address anytime before your item has not been processed or dispatched. We will ship your product to your new address. Once the process has finished, and our shipper has left the place, we can’t do anything.  

Q.4 Can I cancel my order after the payment has been made?

Ans: No. You are not allowed to cancel your Order once you paid for your item. You can claim a refund if you received a faulty delivery of your product but can’t cancel the order before accepting it. 


Q:5. How to know the current status of the Order?

Ans: It is effortless to know the current status of your order. You need to log in with your user id and password; you can check your order’s current situation. In addition to this, customers can reply to the confirmation email we sent. They can also use these features if their delivery is delayed.


Q: 6. What types of drugs are available on your website?

We sell most of the United States’ FDA approved prescription drugs on our website. Our website deals with pain medicines (opioids), anti-anxiety medications like Alprazolam, insomnia treating drugs, and various other drugs. For the complete list of products in our pharmacy, visit our production category section. 


Q:7. What about privacy and Confidentiality?

Ans: We do not share whatever customer information we receive, such as name, dob, age, credit/debit card, or social security number, with the third party for commercial purposes.


Q: 8. What kind of payment modes you guys accept?

Here, we accept many legal and secured payment modes to make your deal easier. We provide payment options like credit cards, western union, debit cards, PayPal, and even direct bank transfer. For more profound information on this particular topic, please contact our customer care executive. 

Q: 9. Are there any delivery charges?

We provide a free cost delivery service, allowing you to receive your needed drug within 1 to 3 working days without paying any extra delivery charges. In some urgent cases, we also provide free overnight deliveries. 


 Q: 10. What if I received a faulty drug delivery or a product that is not mine?

If the delivery you have received is faulty or does not belong to you, you can contact our customer care executives for help. We will look into the entire matter as soon as possible and do what we can. Our delivery boy will come and take the faulty package from you and deliver back the desired package. At the same time, you may also claim a refund. 

*Whether this web pharmacy is licensed or not? Yeah. It is a licensed and one of the best and top-rated web pharmacies in the United States. Our pharmacy only sells regular and US FDA approved medications to our customers.


Q: 11. How can I   know that we  shall receive meds  100% with  guarantee ?

we will  provide you proof that you can satisfaction 100% after that you will not ask any  question about meds delivery.